I'M INVENTIVE.I like color. Loud and strong but I also love beige, white, and black. I revel in layered animalistic grunge and I drool over the sleek and calculated  line. I find beauty in the polished and the messy. I finger paint with oils and write with crayons. I study law in my spare time and make fashionable head pieces, MOORBERRY. I like hats, and wraps, and big hair and grid systems. I’m geek chic. I think Naruto is the best anime series ever, I love anime. My guilty pleasure? It’s not the Young & the Restless but Korean Dramas of every variety. Oh, and I think I can sing. What I do is Visual Arts and Art Direction.


“Do something in computers” my father said, so I thought, study engineering, then I thought, business management, then I thought fashion and spanish. So after switching my major 3 times I started a career as a Fine Artist exhibiting at the prestigious Vose Gallery. However that took a sharp turn once I began working for Conde Nast, Ink Publishing and later became Design Lead for Oxford University Press.


I love designing so much that I wanted to add a fourth title to my life resume, business owner. So I got together with some other ambitiously imaginative friends to co-found the creative collective  METAGEE STUDIO .


Time is the longest distance between places, Tennessee Williams paraphrase; so after that 10 year distance I’ve reached another place. That destination is th e development of my own design and make shop called  PAPER+ROCKET . A business that makes cool sh*t, just because but also offers design and brand development services.


Get in touch with me@geronna.com or through LINKEDIN.